a + b = cocktails

a = great cocktail recipe
b = retro cocktail glass thrift store find.
I think you can do this math.

thrift store cocktail glasses

Retro cocktails and the glassware to serve them in are quite the rage – I guess.  Either way I really don’t need an excuse for cocktail hour.  Killing time before doing my volunteer time at kindergarten I ran into Sally’s – aka Salvation Army to just “see” what was available –  you never know what you might find.  Today was my lucky day!  I ran across these great champagne glasses for a mere 30¢ each!  Strangely enough I had just made the perfect cocktail to serve in them last night – Whiskey Sour –  What are the odds I tell you!  Don’t let the egg white in the recipe gross you out, it is completely and totally necessary!  Save the egg yolk for this (or you can freeze them)!  I kid you not (hot-shot) when I say you will NEVER order a Whisky Sour out again, it cannot compare to one you can make at home.

So tonight I will be styling with my new 30¢ glass and a Whiskey Sour.

Whiskey sour


cornmeal sweet potato waffles | no good deed goes unpunished

One of my favorite cooking websites is Food52.  I check it out every day (no kidding – I do – a little luxury I allow myself).  The other day I ran across a link to Cornmeal Sweet Potato Waffles from brooklyn supper.  So….this morning I thought I would surprise the girls with them.  Yes, homemade waffles and not frozen – what could be better?  I’ll tell you what would have been better, try an ice pick to the eye.  After I had started them, one of the twins walks in to tell me her sister would like french toast.  I let her in on my “big surprise” – she’s thrilled and runs off to tell her sister.  And this is when the punishment began.

“NO!  I don’t want waffles – make me FRENCH TOAST NOW!”  WTF!  Whose child is this – go, shoo get away satan!  Tears, stomping feet…man I hope this is her hormonal phase now, because she will need to go live in the red tent (whatever that book was called) during adolescence.

Despite the possessed child – the waffles where excellent!  They didn’t take me too long to make – considering the interference I had to run with little Miss Unreasonable.  Lots of leftovers too – I let them cool on wire racks then froze them for later freak out moments.

cornmeal sweet potato waffles